When Ladybugs Appear

This week’s story comes from Nicole Horsman. I am so grateful she¬†and Bill were willing to share it because I really love it!

In Nicole’s words ~

I never believed in signs. Not until I met my husband and they suddenly started appearing.

It was when we moved to our new home that we began to spot them. Ladybugs. Usually in pairs. And I began to wonder. When my husband Bill was in his 30s, he lost both his mom and his closest childhood friend. It was, naturally, very difficult for him. But, could it be? I’d never found ladybugs so often, but now here they were, popping up, making me take notice.

And they kept coming around. On the day we got married, we took our ‘first look’ photos on our back deck and there they were – two ladybugs on the glass window. “We have visitors,” I told Bill.

And they’re still coming around. That was almost five years ago and, since then, they tend to appear whenever Bill could use an encouraging hello from the other side or on special occasions.

Most recently, he took me to see Cats in New York for my birthday. It was the first Broadway play Bill saw with his mom about thirty years ago. On the way back to New Jersey, he was on the phone with his son talking about his mom and the play when I noticed a ladybug crawling on the window of our car.

A ladybug

In New York City

In December

When it was 20 degrees out.

I never met my mother in law but I believe she was wishing me a happy birthday and I believe she enjoyed seeing Cats again with Bill and me.

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  1. Ornella Togmus

    I love this, this is exactly how Spirit pops up & how great that this women who is still sending Love from the other side gets Validation from a daughter in-law she never met in the Physical world but she most definitely knew her in Spirit before this life time! #LoveNeverDies Thanks for sharing Nicole!

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