Signs from the Other Side: How It All Began for Me

This is my story. And then, after this, enough about me!

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Although pennies are prominently featured in my book Better in the Morning, for me, it all started with a rose and a fly.

About twenty years ago, my mother told me how she and her grandmother, Rose, used to hold hands and gently squeeze each other’s back and forth. She was reminded of this one day, while reading in bed with our cat Shelby next to her, as she gently squeezed Shelby’s paw and Shelby pressed back. Back and forth. Then, she opened her book to the page she left off and it happened to say, “Rose.”

Could it be?

Was it just a coincidence? Or was that a sign? And if so, what did it mean? I had never explored these questions before but it opened something in me.

A short time later, I was thinking about my aunt, my dad’s sister, and specifically praying for her in that moment when a fly started flitting around, in my face, and would not leave me alone.

I swatted. And went back to praying. And swatted. And went back to praying. And swatted. “Get the frig out of my face, you annoying – (gasp) – Gram?”

Could it be?

My father’s mother had died about five years earlier and as I prayed for her daughter, this fly appeared. (She’s been flitting around ever since, like in the middle of February in a hospital room when my first niece was born. “Hi, Gram.”)

So, that’s how it all began.

The pennies happened a couple of years later when my mother’s father passed. She kept finding pennies in unusual places, like behind the TV, and, one day, asked him aloud if it was him and, if it was, to send her three pennies. The next day, there were three shiny pennies waiting for her at the checkout counter of the store.

And we never stopped believing.

He’s been popping up ever since, usually when I’ve needed him most, like in a random office drawer at 3AM while looking for a stapler, not just to clock myself in the head because I was so miserable in that moment, but also to staple something. “Hi, Grandpa. I needed to see this right now. Thank you.”

What does it mean – the rose, the fly, the pennies and a leaf too? (Me: “Gram, when you pass to the other side, send me a leaf and I’ll know it’s you.” Gram: “Okay.” She was so agreeable.)

Sometimes, it means, “I’m seeing what’s happening. I’m seeing you struggle, as you grow and your soul evolves, and I’m here with you.”
Sometimes, it just means, “Hi. I do not have a body anymore but I’m still here and I love you.”

I never want to diminish anyone’s grief. To feel like “I don’t want my mother to send me a damn ladybug, I want her here, alive, with me” is something I cannot argue with. A sign doesn’t make up for anything. The purpose of the stories I’d like to share here is not to diminish anyone’s grief or try to convert anyone into believing. Not at all. What I am trying to do is connect with people who have had similar experiences. If you have your own story of how you came to be shown certain signs and what they’ve meant to you, and if you are willing to share it here with other readers of this blog, please reach out. I would love to hear from you and share your story.

Thank you for reading!
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  1. Ornella Togmus

    Hello, I absolutely love your story & all the other stories as well that I will comment on after this or at another date. I hope this doesn’t cut me off because I have so much to say. LOL
    I have been connected to the other side as long as I can remember. My thoughts are all over the place right now because there is so much to say & this subject matter excites me so much.
    I will start by saying that I remember as a little girl, maybe the age of 6 or younger. I felt as though someone or something was communicating with me and I would not give it much attention but definitely had anxiety around it. I’m not sure that I would say I was afraid even though Fear was something that lead me on my early path. We were 3 kids, me being the youngest & my mom & dad. My dad was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of 39, when I was 3. He crossed over at the age of 45. I had a preminition of his death & saw his funeral before he even passed. When he crossed over my mom was 36 with 3 small children. I have to say, I have had a close connection to the other side for years;but never quite understood it; but as I got older & spoke of it, it because a little clearer. I had a very supportive mother in listening to me & not telling me to be quiet about it. So that helped. Now I will fast forward but I had many stories before the one I will share with you but maybe I will have another opportunity in the future to share those.
    Okay here goes fast forward… I am Married with 3 children, I am a hairdresser & as much as I was so interested in the Metaphysics I had NEVER gone to a Psychic, A Medium etc.. I believed in them so much that they scared me & I respected it & would want to make sure it was a good one. So here I am in September of 2001. My husband was off with me because I had my 3rd child & he was taking a Parental leave so that he could be with me & our children. I had a 6 month old a 3 year old & one at school that was 6. This particular day we were making plans for a family gathering but were stopped dead in our tracks because it was 9/11, yes September 11th. We were devastated, shocked, afraid and so many other emotions were taking over us when we saw it all over the television. Shortly after this horrific tragedy we happen to come across a program on TV called Crossing over with John Edward. So we watched. It wasn’t very long since September 11th but there were people in his audience that were the families of the victims from that unforgettable day. My husband & I were in awe of it all. My husband has been with me for almost 30years now & gets that I am so involved in all of this & respects it & me. I would have to say that after all this time together he is definitely a Believer but not a seeker. Where for me this feeds my soul. The books the stories like the ones on Ferns Page, they feed me & I have the need to explore it, anyhow as we were watching I looked at John Edward on the Television, I looked at my husband & I said I am going to meet him & know him. My husband looked at me & said take it easy LOL it was quite the moment that we still talk about it 15 years later. Anyway this is an important part of my story because even though I believe in all of this,I have to have Trust in who represents this work & a had an immediate trust with this man. I can go in so much detail but I will try to sum it up. It was just incredible. John Edward spoke to these people so tenderly & caring & gave them some Peace in there very shocking situations & told them how they could ask for Signs & to be specific so by this time my dad had crossed over in 1980 so it was over 21 years but I listened to John Edward & I said to my dad you owe me big time (kidding around of course) So I first said that I wanted him to acknowledge my last child, & then secondly I told him that I wanted him to give me a sign through John Edward because he would be the only one I would trust. So remember these two came at separate times & in big ways. My daughter was born March of 2001 & now this was Easter of 2002 which fell on the same weekend she was born. We were at Church on Easter Sunday & the church was packed. My now 7 year old son wanted me to have a church Bulletin that I wasn’t really interested in but took one anyway & looked at it. Now there is a certain section that shows the names of people that crossed over & the date that they would offer a prayer service for them. I noticed one mans name was Nazereno DiPalma that was having a prayer service on April 3rd. It caught my attention because he had a unique name like mine & the name is translated into The Nazarene of the Palm which is a religious reference at Easter time. So I put it away we all got into the car when church was done & went home. When we got home there was a message on our answering machine. My first language is Italian so I will translate because it was said in Italian & it went like this….Hello my name is Nazereno Di Palma I have called you to wish you a Happy Easter no oneis home good bye. I had to listen to it 10 times before I realized this was it, this was my sign that I was waiting for. In the shock of it all I said to my dad I know that was you but can you give me another sign. LOL You become very greedy when these things happen & you want more. I have learnt how to control that now.A few days passed & my son showed me something he had found in my youngest car seat which really should have been there for many reasons but it was a slip with an appointment for me to see my OBGYN, for the year before because if my daughter wasn’t born in March on her due date, I was to be Induced on April 3rd the same date that Nazareno had on the Bulletin. I had asked my dad to acknowledge my youngest & he did. We found out later that Nazereno had passed away in March of 2002 & was born the same year my dad was. There were many other amazing details to all of this;but i will keep it short. I feel so Blessed to have Spirit connect with me. The Beautiful thing is that we are all connected. As far as meeting & knowing John Edward, that happened as well. He read me in 2011 & my Father, my wonderful Loving & awesome father came through with him just as I knew he would. Sorry that it is so long but I could have gone on & on. Spirit is an amazing energy that works so hard sometimes to get our attention. We just have to be open to it. Thank you for allowing me to share. OXOX

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