Thank you so much to my friend Clare Bowey in the UK for this story!

So back in about ’87-’88 when I was 8 or 9, Mrs. Wood, the old lady across the street from our family, introduced me to her granddaughter, Sally. Sally would stay over on a weekend and we became friends.

Perhaps five years previous to this Mrs. Wood’s husband had died. I don’t believe I ever met him but I vaguely remember him being in the front garden cutting the grass or trimming the tree that stood near the garden wall.

Shortly after he died, a robin appeared in the garden, usually these birds are seen in the winter months but one afternoon in the summer holidays while myself and Sally were playing in the garden, we saw a small robin sitting in the tree. Sally told me that it was Mr. Wood’s robin.

Mrs. Wood died about 15 years ago. Now there are two robins in the tree.

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