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Interview with John Edward for Evolve

Interview with Chick Lit Central

I mention a dingo, a casting call and bowling in my answers. See the questions here

Guest Post on Chick Lit Club Connect

I describe Better in the Morning as Sex and the City meets Ghost. If you’re a believer like me, you know these five things to be true: Click here to read my guest post on ChickLit Club Connect entitled Will all of the believers please stand up?

Guest Post on EskieMamaReads

This guest post is based on our bed pillows from Pottery Barn. Sort of. Click here for my guest post on EskieMama Reads entitled Three Things I Learned in Three Major Cities

Guest Post on Rachel’s Random Reads

What do Emma Stone, Paul McCartney and Deepak Chopra have in common? Read my guest post here.

Posts for Thought Catalog

7 Things to Know on Graduation Day

7 Ways to Reverse Your Energy

7 Things to Be Grateful for After a Breakup

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