Dallas Cowboys QB Sends Texts to the Other Side

In case you don’t follow sports, and I don’t follow most sports except for football, specifically the Dallas Cowboys (yes, I’m from New Jersey, so is my husband; that’s a story for another day), but Dak Prescott is the rookie quarterback everyone is talking about.

He was drafted as the backup to Tony Romo but backup no more. He is the star with the star on his helmet and #4 on his back.

The 4 is for his mom. Peggy.

Growing up in Princeton, Louisiana, Dak watched Peggy work hard as a single mother to three boys. She managed the local highway rest stop but still managed to never miss one of Dak’s high school football games.

When Dak was at Mississippi State, Peggy made it to as many games as she could and although mom and son remained close, she kept a secret from him for as long as she could, not wanting to distract or worry her son.

Peggy was diagnosed with colon cancer.

She eventually told Dak and she fought valiantly, repeating her mantra as she went through grueling chemotherapy treatments: Mind Over Matter.

On November 3, 2013, Peggy’s soul left her body and left her three sons with a work ethic and a faith it seems only this soul could leave.

The work ethic shows. So does the faith. Dak has said that he sends his mom text messages often. He doesn’t hit Send but he knows she gets them.

Of course she does. She’s here. She’s watching. And she’s loving this.

When Dak was drafted, he was given the #10 but changed it to 4 to honor his mom, whose birthday is September 4th.

He also has a tattoo that says MOM but also stands for Mind Over Matter.

We’re all being guided. We’re all being watched and cheered on and comforted too. It’s not just for Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks. We’re all on a journey and it’s all about the lessons that will help our souls evolve. Dak’s journey, like Romo’s journey, like all of our journeys is not about where we end up but what we learn along the way. Acknowledging our loved ones on the other side, being guided by them, is not about winning or losing but learning.

Oh excuse me a minute. My Dallas Cowboys fan side is interrupting my spiritual side.

Yes? What is it?

Shut the HELL up! Give me a break. It feels good to win!

Excuse her, she can be a little rude. But, okay, I’ll admit it. It really does feel good to win. And I’m hoping Dak’s journey keeps him on a path to winning.

And I’m feeling confident it will. After all, with hard work and faith, who needs a Hail Mary when you’ve got the Peggy Pass?

Go, Boys.


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